Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Websites

There are two new websites up and running that you should know about.
1. http://www.johnlockeweb.info/. This site is for the future when we will display videos. It is on a large, fast, server with wide bandwith. There are some experimental videos on it. Take a look.
2. http://www.myjohnlocke.com/. This is a reference site. We now have Websites, blogs, E-Mails, phones, etc. It is too much to keep track of.
The purpose of this website is to show what is available and give immediate access to it. It is basically a menu. This is the only website you need to remember. Put a shortcut to it on your desktop. Just click on that and you can reach everything.
Incidentally, there is an E-Mail account associated with it, JohnLocke@myjohnlocke.com. If you send us a message we will respond.
I would be honored to help anyone who has trouble working these websites.

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