Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Instructions for using the blog

Many of our members are not great with computers. Use of the blog is really is much easier than it looks. There are simplified instructions on the first blog post here. More detailed instruction are on a new page on our JLS website.
You can access the website at: www.studymed.com\johnlockesociety\home.htm or
www.metromedkc.org Click on the JLS link.

If anyone has need for further instruction, please do not be embarrassed about asking for help. Contact jaydoc52@yahoo.com. One of us would be honored to help you one on one.

If the blog is going to be of any value, it must be used. Think of it as the place to go for information about JLS. It is linked to the JLS website and vice versa. Leave a shortcut icon on you desktop and you have only one click to make to check them both. We can show you how to do that too.


yancey23 said...

As an old-time, I am pleased with the efforts being continually to get the Metro Med back on its feet. Thanks to the guys who have given long hours.
The society will have to reshape itself into a new system. The experience of a near-sinking might have the really beneficial effect of starting with an unencumbered clean slate. Hope this point is recognized.
The society will have to deal with some sticky social issues, but their input is imperitive.

Chris Thomas

hawk52 said...

I think I understand.