Friday, July 6, 2007

An Oral History of Medicine in Kansas City

The John Locke Society is embarking upon a project to preserve some of the tales we hear being exchanged at dining tables, over a drink or anywhere else two or more doctors are gathered. There have been a plethora of "characters" in the medical profession in this town and it would be a shame if some of the anecdotes about their behavior are lost. We are beginning to record the reminiscences of some physicians for preservation. Obviously, we have all some first-hand knowledge of incidents and personalities of interest. Some of us may have second-hand info that can be used to glean the true story from one who was there when it happened. We can learn from everybody who is willing to enter a blog or a commentary on a blog on this site. If you can read this, you are obviously computer literate enough to type in something that can help with our history. I would be willing to talk with anyone about this subject. You can either email me at or call me at 913-362-8884. I will try to keep you informed through the blog site about what we have accomplished from time to time. Keith W. Ashcraft MD

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yancey23 said...

I think its a good project