Saturday, August 4, 2007

Editorial Opinions From the Past

After a recent chat with Chris Thomas, I dug out my file of past issues of the Greater Kansas City Medical Bulletin. Did you know that in 1966 it was a weekly publication? By 1969, it had become bi-monthly. Now it is bi-annual, if that. Furthermore, it came free to all physicians in the Kansas City area. It was the communication technology of the time and it was relevant. I especially enjoyed the editorials, all of which I read and some of which I wrote.
Now it is the Internet, especially the blog, that is relevant. Chris and I thought it might be interesting to have another look at some these old editorials and see if they have any interest today. We will be bringing them to you from time to time. If you have any good ones that you have read or written please let us know. Of course, you can always let us know what you think by means of your comments.
So dig out those old files. You will have a pleasant, nostalgic experience.

...Sherman M. Steinzeig

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