Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Websites

There are two new websites up and running that you should know about.
1. http://www.johnlockeweb.info/. This site is for the future when we will display videos. It is on a large, fast, server with wide bandwith. There are some experimental videos on it. Take a look.
2. http://www.myjohnlocke.com/. This is a reference site. We now have Websites, blogs, E-Mails, phones, etc. It is too much to keep track of.
The purpose of this website is to show what is available and give immediate access to it. It is basically a menu. This is the only website you need to remember. Put a shortcut to it on your desktop. Just click on that and you can reach everything.
Incidentally, there is an E-Mail account associated with it, JohnLocke@myjohnlocke.com. If you send us a message we will respond.
I would be honored to help anyone who has trouble working these websites.

Friday, July 6, 2007

An Oral History of Medicine in Kansas City

The John Locke Society is embarking upon a project to preserve some of the tales we hear being exchanged at dining tables, over a drink or anywhere else two or more doctors are gathered. There have been a plethora of "characters" in the medical profession in this town and it would be a shame if some of the anecdotes about their behavior are lost. We are beginning to record the reminiscences of some physicians for preservation. Obviously, we have all some first-hand knowledge of incidents and personalities of interest. Some of us may have second-hand info that can be used to glean the true story from one who was there when it happened. We can learn from everybody who is willing to enter a blog or a commentary on a blog on this site. If you can read this, you are obviously computer literate enough to type in something that can help with our history. I would be willing to talk with anyone about this subject. You can either email me at kashcraft@kc.rr.com or call me at 913-362-8884. I will try to keep you informed through the blog site about what we have accomplished from time to time. Keith W. Ashcraft MD

I have read a book

The title is, " The Family That Couldn't Sleep", by D.T. Max. It is fascinating story about what we know about Prion diseases like "mad cow", etc from the beginning to what we know now. Did you know that there is a genetic form of Prion disease? The author is a good writer and you will not be bored.

When you have read it, please give us your comments.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I read a book.

The title is, "Dominion", by Scully. It deals with animal abuse, namely our industrial food complex which regards meat as a commodity (not even alive). If you are interested in how we get our meat supply, you should read this book.
When you have read it, please give us your comments.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Instructions for using the blog

Many of our members are not great with computers. Use of the blog is really is much easier than it looks. There are simplified instructions on the first blog post here. More detailed instruction are on a new page on our JLS website.
You can access the website at: www.studymed.com\johnlockesociety\home.htm or
www.metromedkc.org Click on the JLS link.

If anyone has need for further instruction, please do not be embarrassed about asking for help. Contact jaydoc52@yahoo.com. One of us would be honored to help you one on one.

If the blog is going to be of any value, it must be used. Think of it as the place to go for information about JLS. It is linked to the JLS website and vice versa. Leave a shortcut icon on you desktop and you have only one click to make to check them both. We can show you how to do that too.

Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of the JLS met @ 9:30 AM, Tues, July 3, 2007. Present were Drs. Keith Ashcraft, Don Blim, Alan Forker, Sherman Steinzeig, Jack Stelmach, and RN Carol Pashman.
1) It was decided that the regular meeting of the board would be held at 9:30 AM, on the first Tuesday of each month at the home of Keith Ashcraft, unless there is notification otherwise by Friday of the week before.
2) There was discussion of the KC Oral History project. It is felt that many of our elder members have information that would be of interest and should be preserved. The plan is interview these members and make audio and video records of the interview. There are several ways to present this information after we have it. It is hoped that the first interview will take place next week Then, we can see how it goes. If you have a good candidate for this project, please leave a comment.
3) There have been many changes in medicine since most of us retired. We would like to plan an luncheon sometime in the latter part of Sept for the first of a series of programs every four months. We are considering some fascinating topics. If you have a good one in mind, please leave a comment.
We are getting excited about an Oral History of Medicine in Kansas City.