Saturday, June 9, 2007

New and Exciting Topics in Medicine

Since we have retired, there have been many new, exciting, fascinating developments in medicine with which most of us are not familiar. For example, DNA therapy, Virtual Image training, Robotic surgery.
Woudn't it be nice if we could have a luncheon periodically and invite a guest who could fill us in on these exotic topics? If we knew the topics and the guests you want, we could do it.
Please, let's have your comments. You can even tell us if you don't like the idea. Let's make the blog a useful device.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I hope you guys now know about fMRI

An oral history of Kansas CIty Medicine

At it's meeting of 6/5/07, the John Locke board of directors discussed the possibility of constructing an oral history of Kansas City medicine. Many of our older members have worthwhile material to contribute which would enrich our understanding of the changes which have occurred in the practice of medicine in the last century. The first step in this project would be to tape record interviews with some of our members to preserve their account of their memories and experiences. If you have any interest in this project, please feel free to chime in.

First posting and Instructions for use of the Blog

This is the first posting to the new John Locke Journal blog.
To post a comment: You must have a Google account which you get by clicking on comments and registering. It is free.
To post a topic: Go to and sign in as User name:, Password: journal. You can then go to the blog and post your topic. You can leave your name or not as you wish. the topic will be signed: John Locke. Please feel free to post comments or topics.
This is the first blog format we have tried, mainly because it is free.

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